3 CORE Beliefs that BLOCK Success, Love and Health (and how to EASILY change them) 5 months ago

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This video I'm going to be sharing with you the three core beliefs that block success, health and love

My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, this video I'm going to be sharing with you those three core beliefs that are blocking you from experiencing success that have love that of health, and these are the things that people often miss and overlook because this is going deeper. This is going deeper than just the fundamental surface level of what we even call the law of attraction, of what we call and when we're focused on our goals.

When we're focused on things, when we experienced subconscious blocks and things are holding us back, this is about getting to the core of what we believe to be true, because here's the thing. Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us. Now in life, we always get that of a reflection of who we are being and we also always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. Now the thing is is people may be focused on that, have more money, more success, love and relationships, but every time they go to focus on it and every time they think about it, they may feel a little bit of resistance within them and they may have beliefs about life in general, even if it's not even beliefs about success are that have relationships or that of health. They may have beliefs about life in general that holds them back.

So this is about really getting to the core and that's what we're going to be doing today. I'm also going to be showing you that to, of how to redefine these and understanding how to create a shift in your level of consciousness, a shift in your level of identity of how you see yourself. Now, this has also inspired because I'm at the moment creating a experience that's called the shift experience with Erin Dowdy. It's going to be a total transformative experience where you shift your level of consciousness, you raise your vibrational set point and you start to understand that your whole life has been in reaction to environment. Your whole life has been stimulus response, stimulus response, stimulus response, and it's a experience that allows you to shift back into a higher level of consciousness which is actually your natural state of being is just that through social conditioning, through life experiences.

We get distracted from that. So even as you hear this right now and you're listening to me, you may be thinking, what does this mean? What is he talking about? That's coming from the stimulus response mindset. There is a shift in consciousness that happens when you start to go from doing and having into being, into being present to the moment. That's what the shift experiences about, so that's something that's being created right now. It will be available within the next few months. If you want to be the first to know about it, you'll see a link in the top of the description box below and all of a sudden you updates as to how that process is going so that you are the first to know. So this is something that's inspired me to really look at going deeper and unrewarding things that no longer serve. Because when we do that, we then see that all of reality changes.

So the first belief that holds back so many people when it comes to that of success, love and health, those are the three things people are most focused on. The biggest block people experience with that is that they are attached and they believe that in life they are a form of victim. There's this victim mentality of things are happening to me. This could be in many different ways, doesn't have to be just relationships or just that of health or just that have success, but in general, when people are identified with that of the world happening to them, this is happening to me. Then what happens is we start to develop a mindset that there's not much empowerment there. Now I'm not saying this as in a way like the like you should be feeling shameful if you have that victim mentality because I've been there before.

I went through experiences growing up where I felt a lot of pain or I felt like I didn't have power, where I felt like things were happening to me. Why did this happen? Now? The most powerful shift I ever made in my life was when I started to look at my past instead of this happened to me too. Everything that happened in my past led me to the person that I became. Even though I went through an...

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This video is about 3 CORE Beliefs that BLOCK Success, Love and Health (and how to EASILY change them)