The Money Belief Video that Changed Your Life FOREVER 8 months ago

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This video is about The Money Belief Video that Changed Your Life FOREVER

This video is going to be the money belief video that changed your life. By the end of this video, you're going to have a totally new perspective as to how you relate to money and you will then be forever changed. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, this video, I'm going to be sharing that with you with a totally new paradigm for a way for looking at money that changes everything because understand that in reality itself, what we experienced in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true. Now, when we become more aware of what those beliefs are and when we become aware that many times we can give ourselves permission to be happy right now. That's when things really begin to shift in a powerful way, but until we become aware of it, everything is just on autopilot.

So you may just like me. For many years I had these beliefs that money was something that was bad, that money was something that evil people had or believing that money was hard to make or was something that came and went and it wasn't something that stayed around. I had all of these notions about how I related to money and Lo and behold, that is what I get. I get a reflection of my life of that being the case. However, what I'm saying is we are able to look at these notions that we have. We able to look at these beliefs we have and we're able to see that a lot of them are outdated now. Not only are they outdated, but a lot of them aren't even our own beliefs. We've simply picked them up from other people along the way. We've picked them up from parents, we picked them up from society.

We've picked them up just from our environment and we just simply looked at them and we agreed and said, yes, that's the way it is, and that agreement has caused us to experience similar things over and over again. Maybe you've experienced it where there certain times you sabotage yourself, you know, you said, I just see people get a lot of money and what happens is they may not believe that they deserve it, so they get rid of it or they lose it or something happens that then reflects back to them that they shouldn't have it. See, it's about being aware of how we relate to money and how we feel about us in general, how we feel about life, understanding how state of being goes into it because I understand that we will never experience more than what we believe we deserve. If we believe that we only deserve to live a certain type of way, then we will only experience what is equal to that we will perceive of in reality that which is equal to what we believe to be true and what we believe we deserve.

So when we look at money beliefs today, that's one thing we're going to be looking at. What do we believe we deserve? Because when we start to redefine that, when you start to redefine our whole entire life. So this was actually something that was also because a buddy of mine recommended that I read something called, was it called prosperity consciousness and some type of digital program that I found in an audible and when I found this program and I started listening to it rewired the whole way that I looked at money the whole way that I looked at prosperity in general. Now let me share with you some of the concepts from it that has allowed me to see money in a completely new way. Now I'll be honest, I've already seen money in some ways similar to what I'm about to share with you, but it really helped define a new way, a new paradigm for looking at it.

Now normally when we think of money, we think of making money as something that will add value to us. We think of it just as something that we use in society. Now, let me first off say that money in itself is simply an agreement that we have made in society, that we have this money and we agree that this much money equals this much of whatever, and we will trade and barter using that money. Now the real power comes from within and it comes from the agreement that we've made as to what this means, so money in of itself is a neutral idea...

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