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We show you how to catch and cook black bream. How to clean, gut and fillet fish, start a fire bushcraft style using a primitive bowdrill (friction fire).

Using various fishing techniques, Graeme shows you how to catch Black Sea Bream (Spondyliosoma cantharus). Using light tackle, a swimfeeder and some chum, you catch this fish with small squid bait on the ocean floor. They are a summer time species here in the UK. They are one of the best eating fish in British Waters. You can pan fry, bake, grill and more. The best way to eat this fish is whole, either pan fried or baked. Graeme then shows you how to prepare the fish for cooking on a campfire. How to descale the fish with a knife and then wash and clean it.

I start a fire using a primitive bowdrill method, a key wilderness survival skill to have, and one that you should learn should you end up in a survival situation it might just help you out. I used a pine hearthboard, a hazel spindle and a sycamore bearing block. I also used a piece of birch bark as an ember pan and a length of silver birch stick for the bow. I then blew the ember into a flame using dead grass as a tinder bundle.

To cook the fish, I stuffed the body cavity with herbs. Using Chives, Thyme, Lemon, Salt & Pepper and a light sprinkling of olive oil. I then wrapped it in kitchen foil and cooked it over the fire. It tasted incredible!

Thanks for joining us on the adventure! - Mike

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