Arenas are Fun! - (A WoW Machinima by Nixxiom) 4 years ago

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During Lazypeon's 2nd stream he challenged me to a unique kind of arena duel: We'd each form a team of 5 from people watching the stream, then one at a time our pokem- ...I mean teammates, would fight one another 1v1. Jingyet brought #TeamNixxiom their first victory, but it was Worgenomelon, a Worgen Death Knight, who completely destroyed the rest of #TeamPeon single-handedly! Either way, everyone fought well and we had a great time! During the stream I promised to make a video of all those who volunteered to be involved if Worgen was able to beat Peon's entire team... So here it is! Thanks everyone for all the laughs we had that evening. :)

Made by, Nixxiom Machinima

Here is the list of all those who were involved in the PvP event:
►Delbur (TeamNixxiom)
►Jingyet (TeamNixxiom)
►Achmetjr (TeamNixxiom)
►Worgenomelon (TeamNixxiom)
►Wilhurt (TeamPeon)
►Ashzens (TeamPeon)
►Vorcon (TeamPeon)
►Lichkingnne (TeamPeon)

A big thanks as well to all those who drew me fan art over the past two weeks! All the pictures really inspired me whenever I sat down to edit. :)


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